You would like to participate as a study site in a clinical trial!

I would like to support you:

Clinical Study Preparation

  • settling into study specific documents
  • participation at initiation visits
  • participation at study specific trainings
  • checkup of study materials

Study Conduct

  • patient recruitment using the existing subject data base, e.g. by phone or coverletter
  • prescreening of potential participants (by phone or personnel)
  • scheduling the subjects according to the protocol, e.g. in cohorts
  • ensuring patients are given all the information they need to comply with the study requirments at home
  • adminstration, appropiate storage and application of study medication
  • conducting of study specicif tests and procedures which must not be performed by an investigator
  • transferring of source data into CRF (hardcopy and electronic)
  • processing of data clarification forms
  • supporting the investigator (e.g. SAE reporting)

Additional Duties

  • consulting and training of (study-)team
  • maintenance of study files and filling of study documents
  • requesting of study medication and/or material
  • checkup the return of study medication/material to the sponsor
  • communication with the study management and the responsible monitor
  • adminstrative support for monitoring visits
  • participation at investigator meetings, if necessary